Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thanksgiving Moment

Celebration of thanksgiving day 

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Celebrated annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast in 1621 .1863 President Abraham Lincoln made a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November. Although, Thanksgiving is widely considered an American holiday, it is also celebrated on the second Monday in October in Canada. For many people, it's also about spending time together, catching up and enjoying one anther's company and traditional food also prepared for this celebration. Thanksgiving celebration is a chance for many families to spend time together after being apart for much of the year. You may have been invited over someone's house for Thanksgiving dinner or offer to be the host this time.

This year Thanksgiving is on 24th November 2011. Begin your planning at least a few weeks in advance. Clean your house several days in advance. Prepare for the Thanksgiving meal by selecting the menu in advance. The traditional menu of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, cranberry sauce, pies, and a bread is fairly standard for most families and groups of celebrators.
You can take some thanksgiving preparation. Write down a grocery list of items which may needed for the meal. Check then, visit the market. It helps to avoid confusion. Order the turkey in advance and any other items that might sell out quickly before the holiday.

Decide on what type of decorations you want to purchase or make in advance by yourself. Plan the menu and choose your recipes. The turkey is the central attraction at thanks giving celebration. Cook a turkey, stuff a turkey, and make a turkey dinner and for this pre-plan help you a lot. So Brush up turkey carving skills before the day. But be careful; do not let your kids get to close to the oven while the turkey is baking. They may get burned or injured. Thanksgiving Crafts can be made by you or by kids. You can choose or make and send to your loved ones wonderful gifts or Greeting Cardson Thanksgiving Day.

Arrange a special table decoration for Thanksgiving pray before thanksgiving meal.” For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me..."- Matthew 25:35. Tell others how happy you are today for their presence. Enjoy the meal.

Do some activity after the meal. Such as play a board game, watch a movie, tell stories or share photo around and may be lot more. Gather around the TV and watch football with your family. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV with the kids. These are some things that considered as traditional Thanksgiving holiday pursuits.